Origin: Italy
Languages: Italian, English
Age: 22
Weight: 74
Size: 1,91
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Darkblond
Body: Slim
Body Hair: Less Hair
Tattoos: Less
Piercings: No
Cock Size CM: 22   (Uncut)
Role: Versatile
1 Hour 140  Euro
2 Hours 260 Euro
3 Hours 350 Euro
Every hour more + 100 Euro
1 Night
10.00 pm – 08.00 am 600 Euro
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Bill is a pretty crazy boy. Born in the Baltics, he has lived in Italy since early childhood. Apparently he got his hot southern temperament from there, because he is what you would call a typical Italian. He attaches great importance to stylish fashion, good food and he pays a lot of attention to his appearance.

All in all, he is a very emotional and sensual person. Surely you can imagine what it’s like for him in bed…

Hot, sensual sex and with his great features he is certainly the right partner for you. Although he prefers to be the active part, he can also be passive.

Just take the time for a wonderfully sensual Italian experience.


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