/, Jungs/Bruno


Origin: Spain
Languages: Spanish, English
Age: 18
Weight: 54
Size: 1,72
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Body: Slim
Body Hair: Some Hair
Tattoos: Some
Piercings: No
Cock Size CM: 22   (Uncut)
Role: Only Active
1 Hour 120 Euro
3 Hours 300 Euro
4 Hours 350 Euro
1 Night 450 Euro
10.00 p.m. 08.00 a.m  
24 Hours 700 Euro


Bruno has been with the Traumboys for some time now. Meanwhile, he also speaks English and for some time he has been attending a German course. Believe it, its dialect is just gorgeous. Just talk to him personally …

He is pretty carefree and when you see him, you just want to hug him. He looks really cute and is just to hug. But sexually he has it fust thick behind the ears. He knows exactly what he wants and lives his sexuality fully, while he is only active, which is an absolute highlight because of its “good quality”. He also loves to kiss.

Let yourself be pampered by a really sweet boy, forget the time and go completely relaxed again. It is worth it….!