Origin: Latvia
Languages: Latvian, English, Russian
Age: 20
Weight: 70
Size: 1,90
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blond
Body: Slim
Body Hair: Smooth
Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Cock Size CM: 17   (Uncut)
Role: Versatile
1 Hour 120 Euro
3 Hours 300 Euro
4 Hours 350 Euro
1 Night 450 Euro
10.00 p.m. 08.00 a.m
24 Hours 700 Euro


Maik is a handsome boy from the Baltic States. He is tall, blond, has blue eyes and a nice slim body.

Unfortunately, he does not speak German, but his English is very good and you can talk to him really well. He is very personable and warmhearted and you just feel good in his presence.

When he came to us, he was only active, but meanwhile he has also taken great pleasure in passionately giving himself to his partner passively. And it is a pleasure to feel his great body and to notice how he enjoys the sex.