Unfortunately, we had to close our business again and again during the corona pandemic. However, we took advantage of the time and completely gutted and redesigned the house. We were a little surprised ourselves by the result, but we can now offer you ultra-modern luxury rooms that invite you to stay with us for a longer period of time and simply enjoy life.

We wish you a lot of fun with and with the Traumboys….


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the city’s landmark Edinburgh Castle stands on the extinct volcano “Arthur’s Seat”. The city is known for its impressive historical buildings but also for its very modern architecture.

We have captured this special flair through stylish furniture combined with a state-of-the-art shower area.

Well, unlike the city of Edinburgh, we even still have active volcanoes………


Marseille is a port city in southern France directly on the Cote d’Azur. The city’s style and savoir vivre are influenced by the French sun and the influences of the Mediterranean. Here people have sunshine in their hearts.

Experience this unique French lifestyle with one (or more) of our hot guys in this unique room…


As the capital of northern Italy’s Lombardy region, Milano is known as a center for fashion and design. Due to its mild Mediterranean climate, there are numerous types of wine and a large proportion of Italian sparkling wines are produced here.

Although we don’t offer alcoholic drinks, you can enjoy our lively boys in a beautifully designed Mediterranean room. We hope you enjoy it…


In addition to the luxurious rooms, the house also has a large separate shower, which you can use with several people without any problems.

There is also a large, very comfortable seating area and an open fireplace, which is also popular in the cold winter days and radiates a pleasant and soothing warmth.

Well, would you like to spend some lovely hours for two in front of a beautifully flickering fireplace?