You are slowly getting an idea of ​​what the new premises will look like. Most of the walls are there again and the electrics are professionally planned and installed. The doors have also been completely renewed. All in all, a great step forward.

A very special idea is the installation of a shower in the large room. With the partition wall removed, the room is now much more spacious and the previously unused space can now be used sensibly.

But unfortunately there were of course some surprises again. A wall had to be opened for the water connections and it turned out that the drain pipe had to be completely replaced. That means that from the roof to the cellar the ceilings had to be opened to remove the old pipe and insert the new one. Surely you can imagine what kind of work and dirt it all meant.

But that’s the way it is with a renovation. You have to constantly adjust to new situations. But no worry. We are currently still in lockdown, so there will still be a little time before we can reopen. In any case, we promise you that we will be finished by then and we look forward to welcoming you to our new premises.

Please stay healthy.