A day in the park: Now it is back. The well-known colorful and slightly crazy mix of great boys in the Traumboys. And as soon as the sun is shining, the boys will not keep it in the house, but it will pull them out into the park. But who can blame them?

As you can see in the pictures you can enjoy the sunbeams. And somehow you get in the mood to be there, right? Just do a little crazy, with a few fresh boys spend a great day. But you do not just have to dream about it. The boys are here for you, taking their time and pampering you the way you like it.

And since the boys get along well with each other, it’s no problem to visit them in twos or threes. That will certainly be an experience of a very special kind.

Visit us and enjoy a great time with the Traumboys. We are looking forward to seeing you…..