Now we’ve all been struggling with the corona virus for a long time, with various lockdowns, and we have used this long time to thoroughly turn the house upside down and extensively rebuild it. Except for a few small things, everything is done and you will see that it has become a really top location in which you will feel absolutely comfortable. We won’t reveal more at this point – just see for yourself !

But what good is a top location without the right guys. And we did our homework there too. At the moment there are a lot of guys back – of course, officially registered and almost all vaccinated (the others regularly take official quick tests) – and there are also some newcomers.

A special highlight are Alexander and Adrian. The two are a couple and can also be booked individually, but if you want to experience them together, you will find that the performance of the two is better than any porn film. You must not miss this. We took a few pictures so that you can get an idea of ​​what could happen …

So:   Top Location – Top Boys