Admittedly, things still look pretty chaotic in some areas of the apartment. But after we decided last time to completely rebuild the entrance area as well, of course we also had to tear down the walls to the third room and completely rebuild it, including the installation of new power cables to the other rooms.

But even if the entire renovation is very complex, we believe it is worth it. The little room is almost finished now and if you look at the pictures you will surely notice that it has nothing in common with the old room except for the furniture. And you can assume that this applies to every area of ​​the house.

Unfortunately, the incidence figures are skyrocketing again and the lockdown has been extended again. In this respect, we can still not offer our services. We therefore use the time to devote ourselves to the renovation and assume that we will be able to present you with a wonderful ambience as soon as it is possible again.

We hope that it won’t take that long and that you can spend a wonderful time with us with the boys again. At the end we will present you with a beautiful result. Promised.

Please hold on a little longer and stay healthy.