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Dennis – my new column

Hello everyone,

my name is Dennis and I  am officially the new editor of Traumboys. It’s really nice to meet you all and to have the opportunity to introduce myself. I have been volunteering as a journalist for the last five years, and for the past two years, I’ve also been working in website development. I am super excited to start my journey here and to share some interesting events and places in Cologne.

Have you heard about Cologne Cathedral? Cologne Cathedral was listed as a World Heritage site in 1996. This impressive Gothic structure was started in 1248 and took six centuries to complete, finally being finished in 1880. The building is not only astonishing to look at but also rich in history.

That’s exactly why I visited it and enjoyed my day, not only by exploring the interior but also by walking around the cathedral. The cathedral is located in Cologne’s old town, which offers many interesting activities and sights.

Looking forward to sharing more with you!