We have been renovating the house for some time now, but the first successes are slowly but surely emerging.

The small room is ready and all that is missing is the interior. In addition, the demolition work in the corridor area has also been completed, so that we can start building again there as well. Here we have not only removed the old wood paneling, but also the wall from the bathroom so that we gain a little more space and the hallway comes into its own.

On that occasion we actually discovered old capacitors from the 1970s. Even our electrician has never seen anything like it and was accordingly surprised. So there are always surprises with a renovation.

Since the incidence figures are unfortunately going up again at the moment, we regret to assume that it will be some time before we can reopen.
So we’re not in such a hurry to finish the renovation. It will be all the nicer when everything is ready and we can welcome you again.

Please be patient and stay healthy …