The police – your friend and helper ?

Probably not !!!

The fact that many police officers are unfriendly to German citizens is well known. But that they are trampling on their fundamental rights has not been clear to us yet.

In the result of a bagetell accident, which did not even take place in front of our property, the police stood with a large car directly on our property. The accident vehicles were right in front of the property in absolute yellow line, so that our business for about 1 hour completely came to a halt, and that, although around enough space was available.

At the request of several employees to vacate the property for a party that was about to take place, one of them was unkindly told that it was a police measure for which special rights and rights of way apply. Also in a request in the police headquarters we were told rude, we would have to tolerate.

Did the police officers at our Islamic friends do the same?

We can not imagine that. It is already violent what you have to put up with as a German taxpayer. Now we can understand more and more that due to such behavior – which are certainly not an isolated case – the confidence in the state and police is shaken and you turn more and more to the right-wing parties.


We have filed a complaint with a criminal complaint, but honestly we assume that nothing will happen. It is well known that one crow does not hack the other’s eye …

In this regard, we keep you up to