As a Lithuanian, Poland is not just a close neighborhood country but also a place that shares many cultural and social similarities with my homeland. Recently, I had the chance to attend Pride in Warsaw, and it was an experience that left a long lasting impression for me. I believe that Poland, and especially Warsaw, is an hidden gem that deserves more recognition, not only for its rich history and culture but also for its rapidly evolving social landscape.

Warsaw is a city that is changing and developing at a remarkable pace. It’s a place where traditions meets modernity, and this blend is evident in the vibrant energy. Many people may still be unaware of the dynamic and progressive sides of Warsaw, often overshadowed by the country’s conservative reputation.

However, my visit during the Gay Pride Warsaw showed me a different side of Poland – one that is inclusive, open-minded and great place to find new friends and spend amazing holidays. Attending the Gay Pride Warsaw was an eye-opening experience. It was incredible to witness so many people, who have grown up in challenging environments, coming together to celebrate their identities openly and proudly. The sight of individuals holding the rainbow flag with pride, walking freely in the streets, was a powerful experience to the progress Poland is making in terms of LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. While Germany has long been seen as a more liberal and accepting country for the LGBTQ+ community, Poland is catching up quickly. The pace at which attitudes are changing in Poland is impressive, and events like Pride in Warsaw are crucial to progress. The courage and resilience of the Polish LGBTQ+ community are pioneering.