Yesterday we finally had nice weather for the first time in a long time and we spontaneously did a photoshoot with Edward. It had actually been on the agenda for a long time, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible due to the persistent rainy and dull weather recently.

The photoshoot turned out all the better. Edward has really thawed out and the result is definitely impressive.

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At first he was a little shy, but over time he really thawed out until he finally ran through the field completely naked. Well, you have to admit, with such a great body you can certainly dare to do a lot, right?

But don’t worry. He took the delicate plants into consideration and not a single one was harmed. After all, he is still a young and delicate plant himself and still needs some care and attention.
And you can be absolutely sure: He has settled in very well with the Traumboys and feels comfortable here and the other boys like him a lot, even if he sometimes throws things into disarray with his youthful spontaneity. That’s just how it is with young guys. Simply refreshing……