Every now and then we have a cute couple in our house, which is somewhat unusual, but at the moment we even have some cute couples at Traumboys.

  1. Wilson & Wissam: They have been with us for a while, have been together before and recently celebrated their 1st anniversary. Both are pretty hot, wild and totally uninhibited during sex and it will be really fantastic when you join.
  2. Daniel & Gustavo: Daniel has been with the Traumboys for a long time and when Gustavo came to us, the two fell in love immediately. A really hot-blooded couple. Well, Italian and Brazilian… There is nothing more to say.
  3. Merlin & Nicolas: Merlin was also with us, but at that time as a single. Now he’s back and brought his friend Nicolas with him. You can actually see the fresh love in them with much kissing and uncontrolled wild sex.

Well, of course you now have a choice. Each and every one of them is a wonderful boy and of course you can meet them individually, but it’s certainly a really exciting experience to watch the respective couples and to be part of the action yourself. In any case, we have received great feedback so far. But the other boys are also looking forward to your visit.

So just give it a try. We can only say: It’s worth it!!!